SOMMERFELD, Cemetery Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota.

Nach US-Amerika, Kanada sowie Südamerika ausgewanderte Personen und SOMMERFELD(T)-Familien.

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SOMMERFELD, Cemetery Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota.

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Florida Lutheran Church Freeland Township, Lac Qui Parle Co., Minnesota
(*While the record says this cemetery is in Freeland Township, I've been
told by someone who recently visited the cemetery, that it is actually in
Camp Release Township (5 miles west of Montevideo) and is being tended
to by the local Lutheran Church.)

Sommerfield Family Cemetery Camp Release Township, Lac Qui Parle Co.,

Sommerfeld, Martha 3/14/1873-3/28/1873
Sommerfeld, Henrietta 4/2/1843-11/20/1884
Sommerfeld, Christopher 4/7/1848-9/17/1912

URL: ... 92/mb.ashx
Subject: Christopher, Henrietta and Martha Sommerfeld, Lac Qui Parle
County, Minnesota
Author: Mike Andrews /

I found a family burial plot with the following
Martha Sommerfeld * Mar 14 1873, + Mar 28 1873
Then on the same marker are:
Henrietta Sommerfeld * Apr 2 1843, + Nov 20, 1884
Christopher Sommerfeld * Apr 7 1843, + Sep 17 1912

There is a third marker and it was sundown. I will try this weekend to
manually read that stone. I can tell from the photo that the marker is
for a Sommerfeld that died on Nov 20 1884 and born Apr 2? 1843. The
first name looks like it ends with two TTs. This is not in my tree.
Anyone interested in the Pictures ? And it just dawned on me that it
must be a duplicate marker for Henrietta Sommerfeld. And the farm
site appears to be up for sale.



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