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family research - Lobsens.

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family research - Lobsens

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My name is Carina Blumgrund and I am researching my maternal family in Lobsens.
I do understand German well, but have not written in German for many years ...
hope writing in English is OK ... (but feel free to reply in German, if you prefer)

My mother's family is originally from Lobsens, although they later moved to
Schneidemühl and Jastrow, then to Berlin in 1937, and to South America in 1939.

I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding finding Lobsens records
(preferably online, but other sources are welcome too).

Here are the names and dates I have ... who knows, maybe you have seen them
in your own research:

- Josef BRASCH and his wife Minna (nee HIRSCH) lived in Lobsens, but I do not
know if they were born there or elsewhere.
- Minna BRASCH nee HIRSCH died in Lobsens in 1894-5.
- Their son Hermann BRASCH (my greatgrandfather) was born in Lobsens in 1841.
Do not know if there are any Brothers / sisters.
- Hermann BRASCH married Rosa WOLFSOHN (birthplace unknown) in 1895,
and they had 3 sons and 1 daughter ( my grandmother) between 1896-1901:
Franz, Arthur, Walter and Minna.
- I do not know exactly when they moved to Schneidemühl, but it was before 1916.
- Franz BRASCH (born 1896) fell in the war in 1916 and his name is recorded in the
Schneidemühl memorial).
- Herman BRASCH died in 1916 and was buried in Schneidemühl.

I am most interested in any birth and marriage records, address, etc. of the above
mentioned family members ... any suggestions ?

Carina Blumgrund
Winnipeg, Canada



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