SOMMERFELD in Minnesota.

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SOMMERFELD in Minnesota.

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Marguerite Sommerfeld,
424 E. Carbon Ave. 77A, Bridger MT 59014 writes:

My dad was Casimer Anthony BRUSKI--born in Greenbush MN,
4 March 1905 and died 31 October 1987. My mother is Helen
MARCINIAK (Bruski)--born in Greenbush MN, 22 April 1907.
She is a cwrent resident of the Wibaux County Nursing Home.
They married 27 November 1928, St. Philip, Wibaux County
My patemal grandfather was Jozef BRUSKI, born in Poland in
1859 and died 7 November 1919. My paternal grandmother
was Lucia GERSZEWSKI (Bruski) (Quade), aka: Lucy GERSZEWSKI --
born in Czapiewice, Prussia, Poland, 24 December 1872 died
20 April 1936, St. Philip, Wibaux Co., MT. They married May
1888 in Warsaw, Walsh Co., ND. Lucy was a daughter of Valentine
GIERSZEWSKI--born in Czapiewice, 11 February 1840 and died
2l February 1924, Warsaw ND. He married about 1865 to
Maryanna K[-IKOWSKI--born in Czapiewice, 1846 and died
4 December 1913, Warsaw ND. Valentine was the son of Tomasz
GIERSZEWSKI--born in Kospbdy Bydoszcz, Poland, 13 December
1807. He married 28 November 1837, in Brusby to Regina
ZYGMANSKI--born in Czapiewice Bydoszcze, Poland. Tomasz
GIERSZEWSKI was a son of Francis GIERSZEWSKI--born 1750
in Kospbudy Bydgosrez, Poland. He married about 1796 to
Katherina de CZORT.

Theodore QUADE Sr. was married to Lucy GIERSZEWSKI after
Jozef died. Theodore was born in Danzig, West Prussia on
20 March 1859 or 1860. His first wife was Marianna HINSKI--
born May 1861, Danzig, West Prussia. Her parents were Joseph
HINSKI and Mary LONGER. Other niunes I would like searched
would be John PIESIK married Mary EFTA. They had a daughter,
Celelia, born on 9 January 1914.

My mother's dad was John MARCINIAK--born 12 January 1881,
in Posnan, Poland. His dad was John MARCINIAK--born in 1852,
in Posnan, Poland and married Jadwiga OLSZOWSKI--born in
Posnan, Posen, Poland.

We also would like more information about the family that was
left in Poland. John and Jadwiga came to this country when my
grandfather was about 14 years old. My mother's mother was
Pauline EFTA. We know her parents were Joe EFTA--born March
1857 in Poland. He married Anna GINTER. They had a son John
belbre they came to this country. Any information we can find
out from Poland would be new information.

Anna later married Albin BABINSKI (in Minnesota) of whom we
know nothing about. We have information about people born
here in the US. We would like to have information from the old

My husband is Robert Deane SOMMERFELD, born 5 August 1930.
His dad was George SOMMERFELD born 3l March 1895 in
Brownton, Mcleod Co., MN, and died 23 August 1973.
George's dad was Gustav A. SOMMERFELD. He married Helene
B. BETITOW on 7 December 1883, in Wright, Woodbury, Carlton,
MN. Gustav had a brother that left Minnesota and went to the
Kansas City area.

My husband's mother was Bernice M. STORKEL born 17 October
1904 in Princeton, MN, died 16 January 1985. She was the
daughter of Charles P. STORKEL and Elizabeth A. HARDING.
Charles and Elizabeth's children were Earl, Floyd, and Walter U.
(born in Redwing, MN, on 28 July 1895 and died 3 February 1974
in Seattle WA), Bemice M., Herman (born 1892 in Wisconsin,
his spouse was Hildur). Elizabeth's father was U. S. HARDING.

Quelle / Source: Polish Genealogical Society of Minnesota.

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