SOMMERFELD / GLASER in an old letter.

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SOMMERFELD / GLASER in an old letter.

Beitragvon Don Ross » 21.12.2008, 08:44



We found some new Sommerfeld information in an old letter today.
It is all a mystery ! Anyhow, the letter was:

From: Louis Sommerfeld in Gummersbach, West Germany.
To: Louis Sommerfeld, my great uncle, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Date of letter: Written 24. April 1949 in West Germany.
Letter written from: Gummersbach in West Germany.

The letter says:

1. Louis SOMMERFELD (von Deutschlandt) was married in 1939.
2. He married Elli or Margitt GLASER, the daughter of Heinrich GLASER.
3. Their first child was Elli or Margitt SOMMERFELD.
There are also other children. The child was about 7 years old in 1949.
4. Louis SOMMERFELD from Germany had a brother Paul SOMMERFELD.
5. Paul SOMMERFELD died in 1947.
6. Louis SOMMERFELD's father died 12. February 1949. Probably in West Germany.

Note: We are still trying to translate the German, and so I do not know if Elli
is the mother, or if Margitt is the mother.

Dieter, we found this letter, and it does not fit my direct ancestry. It is a relative.
We do not know who Louis (Ludwig) Sommerfeld was. However, I think someone
in West Germany would find this information pretty interesting.

We also are thinking that the child may still be living. She would be about 65 years
old now and probably still living in West Germany. If you know of any GLASER or
SOMMERFELD family tracing the name Elli or Margitt, please forward this information
to them. Also, you can rewrite parts of this letter into German.

Thank you,
Don Ross (Edmonton, Alberta)

Don Ross
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