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August Wilhelm KLATT oo Luise SOMMERFELD.

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August Wilhelm KLATT
* ca. 1843 in Altenwedel, Kreis Saatzig, Pommern,
Dorothea Luise Albertine SOMMERFELD * ca. 1843.


Auguste Emilie Helena KLATT
* am 12.Juli 1869 in Altenwedel, Kreis Saatzig, Pommern,
+ am 27. September 1963 in Monroe, Wisconsin, USA,
[] Greenwood Cemetery.

oo mit August Friedrich RUPNOW * am 10. April 1865.
(Eltern: Friedrich RUPNOW und Minnie MICHAELIS.)


Surnames: Rupnow / Michaelis / Klatt / Sommerfeld.

I am looking for information about August and Helena RUPNOW
who left Schlagenthin, Kreis Arnswalde, Brandenburg, in early 1893.
They departed by boat from Anterwerp, Belgium and arrived in
Ellis Island on May 10, 1893.

My great grandfather August RUPNOW came from Schlagenthin
in 1893 with Great grandmother Helena KLATT.
I am looking for any relative of theirs.

His father was Friedrich RUPNOW and mother was Minnie MICHAELIS.
Her father was August KLATT and mother was Louisa SOMMERFELD.
Beyond this I know very little.

Were there any brother or sisters ?
What were their aunts and uncles ?
What were their grandparents names ?

Daryl A. Rupnow
Mailto: drupnow (at)



August was born to Friedrich RUPNOW and Minnie MICHAELIS on April 10, 1865.
Helena was born to Friedrich RUPNOW and Louisa SOMMERFELD on July 12, 1869.

They were married March 23, 1893.

I am searching for any records to verify who their relatives were,
grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles etc. I have a lot
of information on the Rupnow family but I believe I have an error
in Friedrich's lineage since some of the church records for his name
indicates a Friedrich Wilhelm Rupnow died at or shortly after birth.
I have so far been unable to locate his marriage records or the
baptismal records of August and Helena Rupnow, I have so far searched
through the Schlagenthin church records up thru 1874. I found these
in the LDS records on microfilm.

Any ideas on where to search or information on this would be appreciated.