Rudolf Gustav SOMMERFELD (1868-1924).

Nach US-Amerika, Kanada sowie Südamerika ausgewanderte Personen und SOMMERFELD(T)-Familien.

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Rudolf Gustav SOMMERFELD (1868-1924).

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I am looking for information on Rudolf Gustav SOMMERFELD (1868-1924),
James Wallace PIATT (b: abt. 1850)
and his son John Newell PIATT (b: abt. 1874 in Pittsburgh).

John N. Piatt was married several times.
One wife was Nella MORIARTY (1874-1951).

They had one daughter named Helen Virginia PIATT,
born in Pittsburgh (1897-1962).

Richard Sommerfeld


Searching for information about James Piatt, with middle name presumably
'Wallace.' He was born about 1850-1855 in PA according to the Pittsburgh
Federal Census of 1880. This information conflicts with a location of Belmont
Co., OH mentioned in 'All Sorts of Pittsburghers.'

James Piatt was the owner of Piatt's Restaurant & Saloon at 248 Fifth Ave
in Pittsburgh. One of his wives was Elizabeth McLaughlin. They had a son
named John Newell Piatt (graduate of Yale Law School) who became a
prominent Pittsburgh attorney and, like his father, was a colorful charcter
in Pittsburgh politics. James Piatt served on the Pittsburgh City Council
for the Second Ward and was at various times a member of the Police
Committee, the Highways Committee and the Printing Committee.

Any information, especially about his parents, would be appreciated.

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