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KATZBERG / SOMERFELD: Daten von Marilyn Stulken.

I knew I had seen the name SOMERFELD in my files somewhere.
Today, I found copies of some church records that I had been looking
for. In the early 1890s my KATZBERGS from near Deutsch Krone,
West Prussia, and SOMERFELDS show up together in several records.
Do these Somerfelds match up with any that are being researched ?

9 Feb 1891 Emilie SOMERFELD was a sponsor at the baptism
of Ludwig KATZBERG's daughter, Minna Selma KATZBERG.

17 Apr 1892 Emilie SOMERFELD, age 23, married Jakob GRAMS,
age 24. Among the six witnesses were two KATZBERGs.

7 Jun 1893 Ludwig KATZBERG and his wife were sponsors
at Emilie SOMERFELD and Jakob GRAM's daughters baptism.

8 Oct 1893 Wilhelm SOMERFELD was a witness at the wedding
of Anna KATZBERG and Albert ZECKSER.

The family doesn't seem to have stayed in the area --
or at least in the congregation.

Marilyn Stulken
Mailto: mstulken@wi.net>


Dieter, Your English is MUCH better than my German.
It's interesting that you found in the IGI listing that Emilie came from
Niekosken. I had not checked any further than the church records.
That explains why the SOMERFELDs were friends with my Ludwig
KATZBERGs, who were also from Niekosken
. I don't know if there
would be any more information on Emilie at the Adams County
Historical Society or not. I was going to suggest that I could look for
their marriage certificate, but according to the IGI, her parents are
already known. Her mother's maiden name is interesting -- SCHABLON.
It looks almost French.
I found no SCHABLONs in a USA phone search.
There are 25 SOMMERFELDs in Nebraska,
and some 200 in the whole USA.
There are only 37 SOMERFELDs in the whole USA.

It was interesting that several of West Prussian families that were
part of that Prosser, Nebraska, church in the late 1890s seem to
have moved on somewhere else within ten years or so. Some day
when I can get some newer and better computer equipment (soon,
I hope), I want to get Ancestry.com to see what I can find in the
various censuses.
I haven't saved all your emails about SOMERFELDs.
Do you think Emilie might be part of your family ?

Greetings from Racine, Wisconsin --
on the west bank of Lake Michigan.
Marilyn Stulken
Mailto: mstulken@wi.net

Marilyn Stulken wrote:
>17 Apr 1892 Emilie SOMERFELD, age 23, married Jakob GRAMS, age 24.

I only have IGI (LDS)-dates:
Emilie SOMMERFELD, Birth: 1868 Niekosken, Netzekreis (now. Niekursk).
Netzekreis: Netze is a River. Kreis = county.
There is a small map.
Jakob GRAMS, Birth: 1863 <Niekosken>
Marriage: 1888 <Niekosken>

You wrote:
>7 Jun 1893 Ludwig Katzberg and his wife were sponsors at Emilie and
Jakob's daughters baptism.

Can you say me the name, birth and christening-dates ... and more (???)
about this daughter ?
Excuse my bad english. Best regards, Dieter


Thanks, Diana.
I did, in fact, find a dozen or so KATZBERGs, some with Polish versions
of the names, on the database. And on the map with James forwarded to
me, locating Sompolno, I saw also Kolo nearby. There's an immigration
record on Ancestry.com that mentions a woman from Kolo visiting her
sister and brother-in-law, Ludwig KATZBERG. (Diana, were you the one
that sorted that out for me ?) So I know there were Katzbergs around

Marylin Stulken
Mailto: mstulken@wi.net

Marilyn and Jan: As this was originally posted to the Posen list, I
believe the database is not Sompolno but Sepolno (formerly Sempolno
in German) in former powiat Gorzowskie (kKeis Neutomischel). Reiner
didn't say which Kreis, so I could be in error. But because these were
records from the Evangelische Church, I think it is more likely it is the
Sepolno formerly in Posen. Perhaps Reiner will see this and clarify.

Diana Grzelak Needham


Jan Textor wrote:
<mstulken@wi.net> wrote:

Didn't find Sompolno on Kartenmeister.
Does anyone know where it is ?
Sompolno is located at the coordinates 52.23'N 18.31'E, about 169
kilometers west of Warsaw. During the period in question (1840-1862)
Sompolno was part of the Kingdom of Poland, also called Congress
Poland, which was established in 1815 by the Vienna Congress powers,
and which was under the control of Russia. Except for a short period
from 1793 to abt. 1807, Sompolno never belonged to Prussia (Germany),
which is why it is not shown on Kartenmeister.

German settlers started to come to the area around Sompolno as early
as 1764. However, an independent Lutheran (Evangelic-Augsburgian)
parish was not formed there until 1840. Before that the parishioners
were served by pastors from Wladyslawow, Dabie, Babiak, Chodecz,
and again Babiak. New affiliates at Ludwikowo and Kozy were formed
out of part of the parish in 1931 and 1936, respectively. The Lutheran
parish at Sompolno was in existense until the end of WWII.

Hope this helps.
Jan Textor
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