Researching HINZ / ERDMANN Family in Wirsitz.

Gesuche und Wissenswertes zu Nicht-Sommerfeld(t)-Familien und Personen sowie deren Ereignisorte und -daten.
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Researching HINZ / ERDMANN Family in Wirsitz.

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I am searching for my HINZ ancestors.
I have found the following in the Lobsens church records:

Gottfried HINZ oo 7 Nov 1841 Justine Augusta ERDMANN.
Residence: Radsitz. Religion: Lutheran.
The section of the record that may have contained the name
of the parents was illegible (= unleserlich).

I also found the record of the birth of two children recorded
at the Lobsens church:

Wilhelmine HINZ 18 Sep 1842
Julie HINZ 14 Jan 1845

I have been unable to locate the record for 6 other children
born in Posen:

Henrietta HINZ b. abt 1851
John HINZ b. 24 Nov 1852
Michael HINZ b. 3 May 1857
Auguste or Augusta HINZ b. 5 Jul 1860 (Maybe in Debenke)
and two other children whom I do not know their names -
probably born prior to 1851. One may be named Ludwig.
The family immigrated to the USA in 1862

If you have found any of these names in your research
I would be grateful if you would pass the information on to me.

Carlene Brown
Mailto: sarj99504(at)


I have the ship passenger list for Robert HINZ that was born
in Hohenwalde. I am almost positive that it is him. But his last
residence listed on the passenger list is a town that is definately
not Hohenwalde. I am having trouble making out the town.
Robert immigrated to Portage County, Wisconsin.
His destination is a place in Wisconsin, but I cannot make out
the name of that town either. Would anybody like to give it a try ?

Ruth Pokorny
Mailto: ppokorny(at)


Meaning of "Alias" in church record

We are researching a HINZ family in Wirsitz and have found
the following notation in the church records:

"Joannes, son of Joanne HINCZ alias Dramcarz and Eva, born 5/22/1782"

Can anyone tell me what the alias in this record means ?

The record is in Latin and we may not have teh Translation correct.
The record ist similar to what i have included below.

[1781] 22 May Natus est infani Filius ex Parent Cathol Joanne Hincz
Fabre alias Dramcarz et Eva LC [legit.coniug.] Supra Parochia qui
14 May curatu loci baptizatus est cui impositum hut Nom tu
Joannes Nepocemus Patrini fuere Adalbertus Gerpinstri Organcruis
Wyrzyscen et Marianna Cyzlorowa de Wyrzysk Catholica.

Carlene Brown
Mailto: sarj99504(at)



Daniel WARNHOFF married Anna E. HINZ on 24. Jan. 1844 as is
recorded in the FHL films of Mrocza, Kreis Wirsitz.

Daniel and Anna immigrated to the U.S.A. and landed in N.Y., N.Y.
on June 09 1871. Their two children Henry an Frederick immigrated
with them.

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